In the areas of precast (concrete, reinforced concrete and steel construction) and plant and machinery there are often the need for specific solutions for object geometry, including the disciplines: detailed design, process planning, assembly and manufacture, installation and adjustment, production control and optimization, quality assurance and purchasing demand and a guarantee that there is a secure and overall economic process.

Here we are able to develop product-specific special designs and programs which are recognized as internal services and are made available for the use of the customer.

Solutions for the treatment of complex structural geometries
Finished products for infrastructure with spatially complex alignment, if necessary with an overlaying manufacturing procedure services in geometric parameters, structures.
Machine components with sophisticated geometry.

Programs and systems for geometrical analysis
Conceptual design, development of custom test systems
Program development including design data, data processing, analysis and analysis, demand-oriented presentation and documentation …
For customers, this means increased productivity and Geometric Quality Assurance.

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