Modern building projects require an individual and precise surveying support throughout all phases of construction. As a flexible service provider HJT GmbH offer a service with secure high geometric principles to create and to realize your project to completion….

We are able to supply for:

Bridge building
Design, installation and maintenance of precision networks, accounting, precast controls, staking, setup, control and deformation measurements including contemporary documentation

Building and Industrial
Conditioning technical building network, built surveys, staking, settlement and deformation control, control measurement and target-performance comparisons, Surveying Services to the individual project requirements of the customer

Traffic Route Engineering
Adoption and adaptation of path data. Description of and Fitting / creation of project-specific fixed-point networks, Inventories and customization, setting out of Track courses, including documentation control measurement,
Route planning and alignment, and dynamic vehicle testing in the field of Public transport, rail, monorail and Transrapid etc….

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