For measuring individual work or project based work in the industrial sector many concepts exist or can be developed. Here we are able to offer instrumental digital precision, with Levels of the highest standards of accuracy, we have available several laser tracker (about 0.01mm/1m in 3D). For evaluation and analysis, in addition to surveying, we have many Technical standard software applications and specialist in-house programmes to cover a wide variety of projects.

We are able to supply for:

Plant and Machinery Building
Inventories for existing equipment, installation / adjustment of components with geometrical acceptance. Programmed back up for complex steel components. Cutting calculations, using targeted data generation. A range of Measurement programs with actual automated comparisons…

Rotor blade production (wind turbines)
Control of master models, casings and rotors with flexible and rapid assistance in the measurement analysis and documentation on a product base with details and examples etc.
We are able provide to your individual request whatever your requirements.

Tubbing production with Geometric Quality Assurance
Testing: Formwork before production, segments of Trial production and sample volume production
(3D measurement and 3D analysis).
These testing activities are for Formwork makers, segment producers, tunnel builders and developers and have a
track record for many years complete with detailed information and Examples etc.
We are able provide to your individual request whatever your requirements.

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